Clean Environs

clean liveable environment

Clean Environs is dedicated to keep our environment clean and liveable for posterity

Clean Environs

Clean Environs strive our level best to keep our environment safe and clean for our future generations. Our mission is to provide best solution that helps to bring our environment as a space to trive. A healthy population needs clean environment.

We provide services in Waste Water Treatment Waste to Energy Water body Remediation and Land remediation. Clean Environs utilize technology to make our environment more livable. We remediate water bodies by deweeding and removing debris to keep the fresh water bodies safe and aesthetic.

We partner with the best in the world to make our environment clean. Fresh air, water and surroundings is our right and to keep it clean is our duty.

Clean Environs' Services

Water body remediation

We remediate water bodies for local communities which are highly efficent and affordable.

Wastewater Treatment

We design and operate wastewater treatment plants utilizing Nature Based Solutions. Multi media filters layers are filled with various medium with removable and refillable cartridges

Groundwater Recharge

Our Innovative groundwater recharge system using Multi layered filters and Rapid Infiltration Pits which leads treated water or run off till C Soil Horizon for Managed Aquifer Recharge.