About Us

We are a small team of cleantech professionals and nature lovers committed to retain our environment liveable and to keep it intact for our generations to come. 


We work hard with local bodies to make our surroundings clean with fresh air and pollution free.


Land and water bodies polluted by industrial or other waste will be remediated to bring it back to life.


Land remediated by using our EcoTech process could be used for any purpose as it will be devoid of any chemical or biological contamination.


Lake remediated by our EcoTech process will trive with aquatic flora and fona. Clear water and clean surroundings of lakes and ponds are a beauty for ever.

Our vision

Our research and development had proved that Land and Water contaminated by pollutants could be remediated to almost original. Our technology and our partners could bring the land, ponds, lakes and other water bodies to a liveable space in compatible with nature. Contamination of land and water will be stopped and removed to restore the land and water bodies into natural shape. We dream to make our environment clean with fresh air and water. 



We remediate waste filled land and water bodies by removing waste. Convert it into energy with Portable Plasma Gasifiers in-situ or dehydrate waste and transport it to our Waste to Energy facility. Once the waste is removed, the land or water bodies will be biologically treated with biological elements.


After our EcoTech treatment valuable land could be used for any beneficial purposes and Water bodies could be used for aqua-culture or recreation. Ex-landfills within residential neighbourhoods could be remediated to zero contamination and used for better purposes. Water bodies which are turned to be dumping yards could be remediated to be water storage, recreational as well as to keep ground water level stable. 


We utilse the waste accumulated in the landfills as well as water bodies to convert it into energy with zero pollution or harm to emvironment.