Clean Environs

Managed Aquifer Recharge

With Multi layered Rapid Infiltration System



Clean Environs

Clean Environs strive our level best to keep our environment safe and clean for our future generations. Our mission is to provide best solution that helps to bring our environment as a space to trive. A healthy population needs clean environment and water.
We innovated Multi layered Rapid Groundwater Recharge System.
The Rapid Infiltration System installed captures run off or treated wastewater and recharge the Aquifers

Rapid Infiltration System 

Innovative system NbS Sustainable Drainage System SuDS is designed to slow runoff down (attenuate) before it enters water courses. Economical and Environmental friendly system which replenish ground water mimicking nature. SuDS is economical as well apart from ecological benefits. An average cost saving is at 80% of project cost compared to urban constructed over ground or underground drainage system. CleanEnviron's NbS could be replicated anywhere were no or less land availability. It's scalable and adaptable to any conditions of drainages or mixed drains.  Ground water aquifers will be recharged with Treated water.