Lake Remediation

De-weeding of Lakes

We are pioneers in Cleaning of Water Bodies


Removing of Aquatic weeds like Water Hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes)  Algae and Blue Green Algae (Cyanobacteria) from the water bodies is done with modern and special equipments. 

Eqipments like Electrical Rake, Aquatic bulldozer, Pontoons, Aquatic weed harvester, Conveyor system are used to remove aquatic weeds from water bodies. 

Debris are removed through special trash trapping equipments. 

Ethical Disposal of Aquatic weeds by converting into Compost and are used as fertiliser.

Desilting of water bodies and using that silt to keep the shorelines intact. We desilt water bodies using pumps without destablising the ecology. 

Biological Treatment

Treat contaminats naturally


Clean Environs utilize eco-friendly naturally occurring microorganisms such as bacteria, and protozoa for the decomposition of organic matter.

We won't use any genetically modified or deliberately mutated micro organisms or harmful chemicals to treat land, soil or water bodies.

Clean Environs' EcoTech biological treatment process improves water quality, clarity and land or soil quality to accelerate aquatic life and plant life.

A natural eco-system will be created after removing organic contaminants from water and soil. Both soluble and insoluble contaminants will be removed through biological treatment. 

Clean Environs also use Mycoremediation utilyzing fungi to restore degraded land, ex-landfills etc. 

Phytoremediation using plant varieties which are highly effective hyperaccumulators to remediate contaminated land. 

Water quality in recreational and aquatic culture will be maintained by EcoTech