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waste water Treatment
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Clean Environs is providing solutions for economical and effective solutions for waste water treatment

Waste water treatment

Clean Environs designs and operate waste water treatment economically and efficenlty.  Our HYBRID waste water treatment solutions fit into any drainage lines and use no electricity. We will not use the costly urban land and electrical energy. We provide wide range of services like Decentralized Waste Water Treatment systems. Our mission is to provide best solution that helps to bring our environment.

We provide services in Waste Water Treatment for local bodies, Treatment plants for industries, Residential complexes. Our treatment system consists of Wetlands, drip irrigation and utilise gravity as source of energy. We ensure that no more harm to our environment and utilize technology to make our environment more livable.

We partner with the best in the world to make our environment clean. Fresh air, water and surroundings is our right and to keep it clean is our duty.

                                                                           Our Services

Decentralised Plants

We design and fabricate decentralised waste water treatment system for local communities which are highly efficent and affordable.

Waste Water Treatment within Sewer line

We design and operate low cost water treatment system fit inside the sewer line thus saving costly urban land

Wetland within the watercourse

We utilize the existing wetlands within the watercourse for maximizing the help of microbial assemblage